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Interview With Max McLean About Bringing CS Lewis To Life On Stage

15 Feb , 2017  

I was able to bring Max McLean on to interview him about his latest production – The Most Reluctant Convert and Fellowship for Performing Arts focus on C.S. Lewis. His latest live theater show is currently running at The Acorn Theater on Theater Row in New York City. You can find out about the show at […]

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4 Things That Will Boost Church Attendance at Christmas [VIDEO]

16 Dec , 2016  

I recently published an article and infographic about the statistics surrounding the habits of Americans during Christmastime and church. Here’s a video presentation version that highlights some of the key learnings from that post: ARE YOU DOING ANY OF THE FOUR TACTICS I MENTION IN THIS PRESENTATION? How effective has it been?

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HOW TO GET BLUE APRON RECIPES FOR FREE (no trials, coupons, etc)

25 Aug , 2016  

So today the big brown truck came and dropped off a box at our front door. It was our first order from the easy meals prepped service called Blue Apron.We’ve tried a competitor service in the past —Plated. It was fun assembling the meal with the easy photo recipe instructions. But in the end the […]

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{Infographic} 20 Reasons Pokémon Go Is Here To Stay

5 Aug , 2016  

I recently shared 20 impossible to ignore stats about the Pokémon Go craze that’s just getting started coast to coast. Here’s a visual representation to help you really take it all in. CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO SEE THE HIGH-RES VERSION After taking all of these statistics in, I think you’ll agree we cannot ignore […]

One App You MUST Upgrade Today Instagram

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The One App You MUST Upgrade Today: Instagram

3 Aug , 2016  

So according to the app summary for the new Instagram Stories feature in the Instagram app, this new feature is being rolled out globally over the next few weeks. The update is such a complete rip off of the real thing (SnapChat Stories) without any sort of attempt to hide it, yet bold enough to […]

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{download} #1 Way To Use Pokémon Go to Attract New Visitors to Your Church

25 Jul , 2016  

By now, you have probably noticed the amount of strangers, waiting outside your church and busy playing on their smartphones. If you’re thinking, “Are they playing Pokemon-Go, again? Might as well send them away.”, I suggest that you hold that thought out. As stated in my previous blogposts, there are many positive reasons as to […]

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Pokémon Go Social Media Graphics And Design Source Files For Your Church

20 Jul , 2016  

Without a doubt, the youth is one of the underlying keys to a church’s continuity. However, in today’s world, they seem to be the hardest audience to approach, judging from the culture of today’s generation. But not until the release of a new app called Pokémon Go which recently drives literally everyone out of their houses — […]