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It’s 10pm, Do You Know If Your Site Is Down?

27 Jun , 2016  

Growing up, many of us saw that ubiquitous TV clip right before the evening news every night: a guy in the somber but noticeable voice asking the question — “it’s 10 PM, do you know where your children are?” A simple reminder back during the early 70’s to keep a check on what’s most important: […]


Stats Churches Are Ignoring About Online Giving

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I’ll Show You That Churches Are In Denial About Digital Giving

24 Jun , 2016  

In today’s world, online and digital mobile giving is pretty much the norm. According to data analysis by Statista, US e-commerce sales are estimated to increase to $491.5 billion by 2018 out of 191.1 million US online users who are making electronic transactions. That being said, companies, non-profits and even churches should really take advantage […]

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how to Broadcast using Facebook live

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How to Broadcast Using Facebook Live

23 Jun , 2016  

As one of the biggest social media platforms at present, Facebook never fails to keep up with the latest trends as it recently introduce a new feature called Facebook Live. Facebook Live allows a user to stream videos live while interacting with friends and followers on your account and page. To set up your own […]

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Workplace Pranks Caught On Video

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7 Workplace Pranks Caught On Video

21 Jun , 2016  

When everyone is used to the same day-to-day tasks and the usual small talks on the latest news and what-not, the workplace might be dull. Carlos Castaneda once said, “Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same.” How then could we save ourselves […]

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church tithing defines generosity gap

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Eyebrow-Raising Facts About Church Tithing That Clearly Defines The Generosity Gap

21 Jun , 2016  

Giving is one of the most sensitive topics in churches today if not taught and communicated in an appropriate away. Some of the people in the congregation may not fully understand it and even fight about it, thus, resulting in a Generosity Gap. The Generosity Gap is a state where a community’s giving is unfocused […]

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"List of Church #GivingTuesday Statistics

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27 #GivingTuesday Stats That Will Make You Wish It Was Tuesday In December Right Now

20 Jun , 2016  

6 more months before we go into the holiday seasons — good food, parties, shopping and Christmas carols. Almost everyone, kids and adults alike, are looking forward for to celebrate Christmas. However, there is one day that people, sometimes Christians, often fail to notice. #GivingTuesday. According to its official website, #GivingTuesday is a global day […]

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Facebook Live Video Life of Statistics

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19 Facebook Live Statistics That Will Make You Start Broadcasting Right Now

16 Jun , 2016  

Nothing beats visually appealing images and content for garnering huge amounts of engagement. What more if it’s done live? Last year, Facebook released a new feature called Facebook Live testing it out first for celebrities. Now, Facebook Live is available to everyone. Users now have a capability to share live-streaming videos on their Facebook account […]

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Apple iMessages Upgrade


The Apple iMessages Upgrade That Challenges Facebook Messenger and SnapChat

15 Jun , 2016  

I don’t know why we call it a phone anymore. People use it to text more than anything else. We should call it your Texter. Or something like that. But if you’ve been understanding Snapchat, you’ll probably agree with me that the reason Snapchat is winning is that it basically is texting with selfie’s and […]

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How Sharks Brought 7-Eleven and Discovery Channel Together

14 Jun , 2016  

Walking into my local 7-Eleven convenience store, you can’t help but notice the current promotion “GRAB A BITE: Shark Week!” Usually these promotions are reserved for two Hollywood blockbuster films and tie in to large licensing franchises. But this month, it’s all about a cable television station and a week of its programming. You’ve probably […]

The best and worst times to post to Twitter

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The Optimal Days and Times To Post To Twitter

11 Jun , 2016  

One of the most ideal platforms for promotions and numerous advertising options is Twitter. Almost 135,000 new users are signing up on Twitter every day and over 239 million who are actively using it. As a tool for effective communication, Twitter surely is on every’s top 3 list. It has been realized by social media marketers, big and small business […]