5 Simple Ways To Repurpose Your Content For Increased Exposure

18 Aug , 2017  

Content creation and publishing is the name of the game. In today’s world, you need to invest in producing high-quality content that is radically valuable to your prospect audience. One of the reasons people for an out on the content marketing hamster wheel is because they quit on a piece of content after they produce […]


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TED Framework for PR: E is for EVENTS, but also for. . .ECLIPSE

10 Aug , 2017  

In my T.E.D. Framework for Good PR, the E stands for EVENTS. Whenever you are able to frame your news / program / organization in terms of a time-bound event, you have the opportunity to message in a way that’s not available with other items without this element. If you haven’t heard about it to […]

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Facebook Ad Objectives: Which One is Right for Your Church

25 May , 2017  

Facebook Ad Objectives is one of the most critical things you need to get right when running ads on Facebook. If you have ever clicked on the “Create Ads” feature in Facebook, then you know… It can be quite the rabbit hole. An ever changing, often confusing journey, that can suck your time and ad […]

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Selfie Mirror Sticker [Giveaway]

22 May , 2017  

Taking the perfect selfie is an art form. And then there is the technical limitations of the front camera. Check out this video where I share the problem and solution of selfies with the back camera. I’m happy to be able to send out a bunch to some of you blog readers to try out […]

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37 Ways to Use Instagram for Church

18 May , 2017  

Is your church on Instagram, yet? Having  trouble thinking about how to use Instagram for church? If you haven’t started using Instagram for church, then, I’m telling you, you’re missing a lot. With an astounding 700 million users per month, it remains to be one of the best avenues for telling the world about your church […]

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10 Online Tools For Making Amazing Social Media Visual Content

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10 Online Tools For Making Amazing Social Media Visual Content

15 May , 2017  

Many teams don’t have Photoshop, in design, illustrator, or many of the high-priced graphic tools available on the market for creating content for social media. Moreover, they don’t have anyone on staff or a volunteer that knows how to use these graphics programs. I’ve mentioned Canva and other social media graphics tools that you can use […]

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The Call to Action Your Website Is Missing And Why

10 May , 2017  

BIG MISTAKE One of the biggest misunderstandings or marketing on the web is what to do once they arrive in your website. So many people still have the “let’s build it and they will come” mentality. And stop right there. One of the biggest fatal mistakes is when you haven’t given a second of thought […]

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3 Fatal Mistakes Churches Make with first impressions and how to avoid it


3 Fatal Mistakes Churches Make With First Impressions And How To Avoid Them

4 May , 2017  

Marketing, information technology, and guest services. Three distinctly different teams. One is arranging type on a page, while another is arranging chairs, and the third is arranging to have all social media platforms updated at the same time as the web site goes live. These are your first three lines of defense when it comes […]

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Church For The Rest Of Us

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Church for the Rest of Us

2 May , 2017  

A REAL OUTLIER IN APPROACH One church to watch that is approaching communications quite differently than the rest is Verve Church in Las Vegas.   If anyone knows a thing or two about how to do this, it’s Vince. Their church is in one of the least reached cities in America, Las Vegas. And they’re […]

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Social Media Predictions for 2017

1 May , 2017   Video

My good friend Nils Smith is at it again putting his predictions out there about the future of social media. And he has challenged me to do the same for 2017. So here goes: KENNY JAHNG’S PREDICTIONS FOR THE SOCIAL MEDIA LANDSCAPE IN 2017   1) SnapChat will survive and win. They are innovators and […]

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20 Social Media Tools You Should Know About

We Asked Influential Church Communicators To Share Their List of Go-To Social Media Tools